Sunday, October 23, 2011


Some say you'll eventually lose grip on your native cultures once you settled down on other people countries. I would not totally agree with that. Being such a lucky person, to get a chance to study abroad, I'll never forget my cultures.

I've been to this land about 2 months long. Yes, American land. Where all the dreams can become true, where all the imaginations can become reality, where nothing is impossible where something something can become something something well at least the part of 'nothing is impossible' is sounds right to me. I dont know if they said America is the land of no impossible occurred. Its seem pretty same compare to Malaysia. Only the people I guess. They got fairer people at least. Not to say our people, I mean Malaysians are more superior in term of diversity than in here.

Yeah dream come true, really. Being in this land. New friends, new environment, new currency. But I would say the people here are more friendly than people in Malaysia. Strangers greet strangers. Its hard to see that in Malaysia, frankly speaking. And the drivers here are way more polite than in Malaysia. I'll let you guys know more about America later, if I wanna to. Sorry guys, time constraint haha I suppose to finish my 5 chapters of reading by tonight and its Material. Well guys hate reading stuff. Dont blame me.

I like the way americans speak by the way. Their accent are way more should I say 'concentrate' as 'pekat' in Malay. Okay enough with all the comparison stuff. Carried away from my English class. My bad. It was like when you guys say water, they say 'wother'. Yeah its quiet fun trying out new stuff andd you can easily bad-talk or go 'mengumpat' to them since they dont know Malay. This is unpropriate alif.

Okay so I've been here like 2 months and had been to Chicago like 2 times. Quite efficient I guess. Okay back to work alif. And wish me luck because I got 2 exams next week. So, wish me a big luck. Because I didnt yet to finish my revision.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Next Phase.

We learnt that every single process have numbers of phases. Same goes to our life. As we grow old, we are actually going through a process. And everybody knows that.

So i would be facing a new phase of my life real soon. Its a matter of time and i'd flying off to States.
Nervous, anxious, apprehensive, fussy and querulous. Thats what i feel.

I'd make this post short since im yet to finish my luggage. So many to consider and ponder when dealing with luggage.

I'll let the public-or my friends i supposed when my flight is decided by the JPA officer.
Till then, pray for me, my success my safety and my luck.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Malacca hols with boyfriends.

Well first thing first, I dont actually write a lot and dont expect me to write a new post every single day. Im lazy bump and if you're my friend, you should expected that. I'll write when I feel its a right time to write and I dont write when I feel lazy.

So this post is all about my trip to Malacca, the so called the historic city or bandaraya bersejarah with 7 of my boyfriends. I've been to Malacca so many times before but being on holiday with your friends was totally a different experience compare to being on hols with family. So for the girlfriends, pls dont get angry since we dont ask you to join our holiday mainly because this was a bachelors holiday. And without girls, things can really go smooth. Theres a certain exception for the previous statement. Dont get it wrong.

Back to the topic, the mastermind of this holiday was the future businessman, Mr Hazwan Ahmad. Since he and I are on break, so we decided to go for a short holiday in Malacca. Well shorts are nice and not to forget, sexy. If you get what I mean.

We took off from Bangi quite late and we reached our hotel at about 11pm. So after we checked-in, we went for a late supper at warung nearby. Everybody seemed tired and we dont go for any activities that night. While in the room, it was time for poker and texas holdem. So kids, dont try this at home. So we went off quite late.
Well that morning, as expected nobody was waking up early and the plan was postponed for an hour. Boys will always be boys. Despite that setback, we eventually went to Taman Buaya and got ourselves some nice pictures of crocodiles and other reptiles. What I can say about the Taman Buaya was the place is beautiful with all sort of replicas of Malaysia buildings and all the reptiles. And the ticket seller was so freakin hot. I wouldn't mind to buy the tickets for a second time. Or even a third time.

So for the rest of the day, we went on to Bandar Hilir for a visit of historical places. There were Stadhyus, St Paul Hill, A'Famosa and others. Then, we decided to walk-in to the museum with a replicas of Portuguese ship as its body. There, we meet a beautiful Iranian girl that we purposedly ask her help to take our picture. Well its a cheap trick but its working. One of my friends asked for her facebook, but she pretended like shes never heard about facebook. Damnn.
But afterall shes so beautiful. And its true.

So we went back to our hotel and gave ourselves some relaxing time before we go for a big dinner. The big dinner was at this place called Umbai where we had some of the best ikan bakar and other dishes. I have to admit, this was one of the best dinners I've encountered. After we finished with ikan bakar, we went for this amazing roti terbang stall just infront of the Henry Gurney. The man can actually make the dough of the roti canai flying like how a pizza makers throw theirs dough upward. We were like how the hell in earth. Everybody was amazed. But its only us that actually amazed by this man's capability. The rest of the stall looked normal and acted like there nothing amazing with this man.
And the rest of the night should be concluded by yourself. Im not gonna write it.

The next day we went to Port Dickson for some refreshment. I must admit, the last time I went PD was like 7 or 8 years ago. Now the place looks very nice and calm. I took sometime to relax, walking on the seaside while gently swept my beloved Ukulele and meditated as I dont think I'll get any chance to visit this soil again in the next 3 years.

Then I realized, friends do really make more than half of my life. I dont think I can live without them. Well maybe some of you might said, your girlfriend or boyfriend is your life, I cant live without my boyfriend, I cant live without my girlfriend and so on, but believe me, true friends will never leaves you.

Thank you to all my friends.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lucky,UNITEN and Iowa States University of Science and Technology

I dont have any lady luck inside my pocket. But sometimes, I can say that Im a luckyy person. Not the most of time for sure. Luck to me is subjective. It can be define in many ways depending on the individual. But being lucky at the particular crucial events does really help me in many ways. How long a guy can be lucky without his lady luck?

Well, I should thank God for giving me the opportunity to actually get admitted to Iowa States University, at least I've been admitted to my own choice of safety school. The feeling of adrenalin, excitement circulating through my blood vessels when I received the parcel from Fedex few days ago. Yeah, maybe some of you guys dont even care about getting admitted to Iowa States, but this is like an assurance for my study progress to States, even if I rejected the offer and go to another school.
At least I dont need to worry about not being able to continue my study at States, since my sponsor put a requirement of getting any of the universities listed in their list to be able to go study in States.

Being frank, if let say I need to stay in Malaysia, I dont think I will studying in UNITEN. I would rather go for UTP or maybe Taylor.
The implementations of so called electric-prepaid-meter is just annoying, unacceptable, unreasonable (maybe if they say they wanted to promote a green earth, it may sound reasonable), unethical, unprofessional and generates money rater than professional.
It was the last thing that crossed my mind when the first time I entered UNITEN. I was like, we are in the university that partly supply electricity to Malaysians, and we will never pay for it. But, dont say the uncertainties unless you can guarantees it wont happen.
Now, living in the dark is normal. And I will be no newcomer when it comes to Earth Hour later this month.
I dont think UNITEN will last like 10 years from now. They need to change many things to stay in the industry, I mean the education industry. By the way, do you ever see a billboard of UNITEN anywhere?

Im thinking of closing all my options on other schools and straight away accept Iowa States.
If I do, I wont get to celebrate Eid in kampung, I only have a little time left for my family and I have to say goodbye to my friends here.

Being lucky sometimes can lead you to others situation that could not be describe by words.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday cake is for kids.

First and foremost, a ton of thanks to all my friends all over the globe for the wishes either from facebook or by message. You guys are really rock.
And not to forget to Mark Zuckerberg, thanks dudeee.
Okay, that was for creating the so-called social network that can remind your friends of your birthday. And it did help remind my friends about my birthday. lol

And yes, I dont get any cakes for this 20th birthday.
I dont know if birthday cake is only for kids.
But I still longing for a cake.
Get your keys Aliff, and start to drive to the nearest Secret Recipee.
Well at least my family celebrated it with a big lunch somewhere in Cyberjaya and not to forget even my lovely best friends celeberated my birthday with a big meal of Dominoz at the top of Bukit Ampang. Isn't that sweet? Well this is something far better than having a girlfriend.
And last but not least, allowance from PSD the day before my birthday. lol

I should collect more element of maturity throughout this 20th year of my life. Learn how actually to become a men, how to actually to act like a men.
Oh how time flies. I dont really believe this number, 20.

I dont really expected to be at this particular scenario, well what I mean is my current lifestyle and etc. I still remember ten years back, I dont even know what is university is. How lame is that?

Happy 20th Birthday Aliff.

Dream couldn't be wetter.

Have you guys ever dreamed about something terrible? Something sweet? Or perhaps someone?
Have you ever think about why such a dream came across to you? Why such a dream occurred to you?

Well perhaps in scientific way, dreaming simply an epiphenomenon that is the mental activity that occurs during REM sleep. REM is refers to rapid eye movement by the way.

But in my own thought, dream is somekind of message that convey by the brain to us unintentionally. Dont blame me if this is wrong because I'm no scientist. And for one more thought, I still keep thinking that dream happened due to the tiredness of our brain, working day and night.
This is not certainly true for all cases. Can brain actually convey a message to us when we arent in the wake-state? I dont think so. But who knows. Science is mysterious.
But at some point, my 2nd thought still can be debunkable because if let say your brain is tired due to some preposterous literature readings or doing some ridiculous calculations of current and voltage, your brain will eventually trying to rest his/her ass out and dream will never happen because your brain wont capable to do works in the tired state.
Well, in that case, I came across with my 3rd thought, possibly the last thought. Dream is the hypnosis of your own brain. Its like the brain wanted to play around with you, like playing hide and seek with his own owner.
Okay, lets put this whole thing to bed. Go google this topic.

Last night, I dreamt about someone and I dont really understand why she came out.
Afterall, that was a cute, sweet dream.
And not to forget, shes really came out cute in every dreams of mine.
By the way, I dont wet-dreaming last night. Dont worry. My dream wasnt bout it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ukulele makes me horny.

Its been a way too long since my last post. I dont even remember when the last time I posted something in this page. I dont blame anyone but myself. Im such a lazy bump, super-duper lazy. I dont know why I, but I seemed to stray to other web page when I opened this particular page. Well, now proudly I must say, Im writing for thee first time for this year. LOL.

First and foremost I should told u guys is Im not practicing any weird sex. I dont fuck Ukulele.
Okay, this is the case. I met my Ukulele back then like 5 months ago. Love at the first sight some of you might say. Since then, my Ukulele had been my closest-mate. I slept with her in many ways. Dont think dirty. She would be here for me everytime when I needed her. Even girlfriends are not compatible to compare with my Ukulele. Every single time Im longing for her. I always wanted to play her. To touch her body is the only drug I need.

Okay enough with the nonsense. After mastering the 'Hey Soul Sister' on my Ukulele, I was finally decided to take her to the public.
Last night, I was performing for talentime organized by the juniors. I mean my juniors. Thank God all went smooth except for a little tiny slack but who cares after all.
For the first time ever I went to perform with my so-called 'guru', Robin.
The song was sweet, nice and not to forget sexy in every single way.
Im proudly dedicated the song to the person, the person that I asked to perform with me for this song at the first place. But well, she said no. No biggie :)

Playing my Ukulele have been such an addiction to me. If you give a choice whether to choose Ukulele or girls, I MIGHT go for Ukulele. I MIGHT.