Saturday, October 9, 2010


Alhamdulillah, thank God.

Well, i just finished it. It was just a relief to click the button continue on the screen and realized that the test had already ended. Sweettt.

I must say i put an effort to this particular test since it is a very crucial test where i do must get, i mean i must or is should get the marks higher than 79. Well, the last time i taken the same test was only about 75. Nonetheless, i must pray hard while waiting the result to coming out inside this upcoming fortnight.

Do pray for me for a high score. Err, i mean high scores, because it consists of 4 parts.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yuna Decorate

Finally, i managed to buy the new album from Yunaa. Yesssssss. Yeah maybe its lame to tell everybody bout it since the album was out like months ago.

But still, i feel satisfied with bargain. Despite the album costed me about 30 ringgit, i would still say thats not expensive.
Im not an avid fan of Yuna by the way. But listening to her music just simply relaxing.
I was like smiling to myself when i listen to the songs. The lyrics was pure fantastic and the soul of the songs were designed ultimately for teenagers like me.
Personally, im impressed with Yuna. With her style of writing the songs. With her style of composing the songs. Im not trying to be exaggerate here, im trying to tell the whole world what this cute girl has done.
At this particular moment, my favourite song of the album must be 'Gadis Semasa'.

Gonna listen to the album all day long.
Thanx Yuna for such a fantastic album.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eid,The Food Galore and A Big Family

As u guys already know, about last 2 weeks, muslims are celebrating a festival that is actually celebrated to mark the end of the fasting month. And we called it Eid Al Fitr. Eid is also celebrated annually according to the muslims calender.
So basically, to me celebrating eid are all about meeting and get acquainted more with my family members, getting a money from uncles and aunties, playing fire crackers and of course enjoying the food.

Every year, my family and i will celebrate eid in our hometown, i mean my parents hometown. By the way, it is located in Johore. I couldnt help but to admit that living in so called kampung is far better than living here. Its more placid, more unruffled, and more irenic compare to living in Kajang. Those 3 words that i used previously were actually have the same meaning. Just showing off little bit of my not-so-good vocab.

I admit that the foods in those particular time of the eid were unavertable. Every single time i saw foods, i just felt hungry. And worst, even when i were already finish the lunch or dinner, my desire to eat keep increasing. Maybe its the food to blame. Well, after all can u resist the temptation of the good-taste food that rarely serve or found and only can be found in the eid period? Im certainly not gonna miss those chances to eat all the foods in this particular period.
People do say we eat to live, but sometimes it can be other way around. We live to eat.

The good thing of eid beside foods is meeting the other family members. To me, my cousin, my auntie or even my niece are all important in my life. They make me smile. They make me laugh. They actually remind me about the element of glee that should sparkle in every single family existed in this globe regardless of their family status. I did realize something about being a family, that we can actually live together happily. How i wish all my family members are living in the same house, sharing each others laughter and joy. Sometimes, i do ponder how gleeful earth can become if all people in this entire world can love each other like a big family. No wars and no men dies.

Eid actually bind us into a whole without a single notification from Him.
Eid is not all about foods.
Eid is about forgive.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Permeating Beneath Those Brain Cells

Well, im just little bit tired and tensed today. Excessive dosage of calculus is the main reason, beside fasting of coursee.
I suppose to continue my revision on calculus tonite but it seems my brain cells are all too tired to work.
And right now taking my break for a while, with full volume of My Chemical Romance's songs on my headset. Yeah babyyy ;)
MCRs song are the best things to hear when im tense. At least for me.
And i think this is the expeditious remedy to relieve stress and tense, at least for me again.

Let the all the words and voice from gerardd way permeating beneath my tired brain cells.
Calculus, calculus and calculus. How i wish u are a person, so that i can wallop u as hard as i can.
Ok. Still stress and tense.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

United for The Champ

As everybody knows, i assume, all of the football fans out there would be thrill plus anxious to wait for this particular weekend. And starting this week, weekends wouldnt be same as 2 months ago. All the mamak stalls will be flooded by many as usual. I must admit that one of them is myself.

So prior to this weekend's game opener, fantasy premier league has to be the hot topic for the avid football fans, or at least the premier league fans.
Javier Hernandez, David Silva and Joe Cole; the three stars that looking to hit the points in this so called fantasy premier league.
Or maybe im just being exaggerate to put 'Chicharito' on the threesome.
Nevertheless, Hernandez have shown the world what actually 7m really means. Pls to those who supported Manchester City, dont be jealous with our bargain.
And as expexted, I predicted MANU will go to the top of the league and eventually win it.
Im not being bias here but, as an avid MANU supporter, they look promising in their last game, beating the ass out off the Blues. Blues for the Blues.
Last season, I predicted Chelsea to win the league, and unfortunately with one point adrift, they won it.

After all, we should support any team that we wish to support. As simple as that.
And for me, Manchester United will be forever supported by me, eventhough Barcelona play more beautiful, appetising and promising football.
But one thing to remember, beautiful football does not promise a closet full with trophies. One good example is Arsenal.

The ball is round.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All Over Again

Doing something all over again is not something new to me. The first attempt is like an experiment to me rather than the real attempt. I know its sound little bit wasting, but i'll make sure the 1st is worthy to take, by taking lessons from the first. This is twisting.

Since im not that meticulous person in doing something or anything, i'll try to give my best in doing certain work, trying my best not to repeat in or in other word doing it all over again. Maybe sometime things doesnt go your way, and we need to take the 2nd try. Or repeat it all over again.

To me, thats one of the part where i can define what its actually normality in this life.

Retaking TOEFL is one of the things i will do all over again. And it really cost me a lot, i mean a lot of penny. After a poor 1st attempt, this 2nd is do-or-die and i dont wanna actually pronounce the 3rd.

Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I dont seems to be comfortable to write about my daily activities or something similar with it, but i think i should somehow write this thing. Its about how friendship can forged a very strong bond that can overcome any obstacles.

Do you guys know what is actually 'Broga'? Broga is a place where situated in between Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, and Broga got this so called Broga Hill. So, last weekend my friends, my primary schoolmate to be precise, were planning to witness sunrise together at the broga hill. Since we guys were really busy to get together, so this was a chance for us to get along with the old primary school pals and friends.

We arrived at broga about 6.30 in the morning and its consider late because we can see a lot of cars park nearby the broga hill entrance. And here comes the hard part, to hike the hill. It was about 1.7km from below, and most of them who were hiking the hill wearing shoes and their track. Unfortunately im not wearing any shoes. Plus, i've just got my overnight thingy before, got my lungs full with smoke of rose-mint flavored and worst, i was wearing levi's. Thats certainly was not a good sign to hike a 1.7km hill. Okay, after almost half an hour full with steep obstacles, all the hiking things finally going fine and I was practically the first one among us to get to the top. HAHA

The top view of it was the best view i've been ever encounter. I might sound exaggerate, but I dont talk crap this time. And 'the top view' I was saying before got double meaning on it. You guys should guess it. Luckily, i snapped some of the view. At the top of the hill, we had our breakfast together and had this chat-and-laugh thingy going on. At this very top of the hill I realized that even the biggest cash in this world could not buy a friendship. Friendship is priceless, friends are irreplaceable. Without them, i dont think i can hike this hill and without them i dont think i can have this happiness tattooed inside me.

Friends are the invisible angels that were sent down by God to us.
Like Emily Dickinson once said, "My friends are my estate".

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Not So New Beginning

Well, its not about the beginning of a story
and its certainly not about a beginning of a love story
or perhaps, its not about the beginning of something interesting
its all about the beginning of my new semester for degree in my university

I dont know why theres no excitement in my head when I started my new sem few days back
Its mostly because, I still practically live in my similar room. Not the exact house, but still in the same block where I was in my foundation time.
And, many of my friends are not here, some of them will be leaving to US soon, plus many of them are residing at the next door. Not exactly in their old house or block.

Classes already started. Guess what? I can barely feel theres an empty space inside the class. Now my class is not the same as the last time I entered it. Different is the right word.
Yeah, I already expecting this way before the sem started.
Some people said, changes occur mostly in your life. I say, changes change your life.

I miss the old time, where I can freely meet my friends below my room, without having to wear shirt.
I miss the time where many of my classmates playing 'chotaiti' together before class starts.
I miss my old classmates, even though they can be annoying sometime.
I miss my friends.
How I wish things could be the same today.
But, this is life. Deal with it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Im currently in a break period. Break from studying, break from goin to class, break from my usual activities and taking a break for many of things.
This is not healthy.
Yet, this is what I longing when Im in a period where exams are near and everyone is busy with books.
Eventually, I dont know what to do.
Stayin late to watch football
Playing Pro Evolution Soccer
Go lepaking with friends
Watch HBO
Feeding my cats
and the least is cooking
and sometime I did something girls should do,that the most of us would say
sweeping, mopping, wash clothes and etc.
and online-ing and not shopping.
I always read updates from friends, telling the whole facebook that they are bored, they got nothing to do, lifes bored, blablabla

Life is not bored. Even, this sem break has make me to become nothing-to-do person
I'll never admitt that life is bored

Why dont they travel?
Last week I went to Ipoh where the last time I went there I was about 10. I dont really remmber it.

Ipoh is a nice town. Beautiful, to be precise.
Im lucky to have friends there. They showed me many parts of Ipoh.
And the part I love the most is this so called 'eco park'.
How I wish Kajang could have one. Its indescribable. You need to go there to define it.
Words cant define it in precise definition.
And I met my old friends from NS in Ipoh, what a small world.

Life is not boring if you could possibly use the time wisely and properly
And guys, pls dont update your facebook with 'lifes bored'
live your life to the fullest, correct my word if its wrong

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kau Pergi Dulu ?

aku rindu ko
ko dgr tak ni ? Nape ko balik kajang tak bgtau aku ?
aku igt lagi, dulu ko balik kajang je, terus contact aku ajk lepak
pasni sape nk ajk aku lepak ? sape nk amek aku dpn rumah ?

aku mcm tak bole pecaye ko da tinggalkan aku
baru khamis tu aku ajk ko maen futsal
aku call ko byk kali ko tak angkat pastu esok pagi ko msg aku ckp ko demam
tapi yg buat aku sebak tu ko mintak aku 50 ringgit, aku tak sempat nk kasi
sorry last time aku jumpe ko mase ko tlg belikan aku coolerpad dgn controller
mase tu ko nmpk hepi sgt, aku pon da pelik tgk ko
tulah time last sekali aku jumpe ko, tulah time last sekali aku borak ngan ko

hari isnin aku dtg hospital kajang
aku harap harap sgt dpt tgk ko senyum gelak dengan aku
ko tengah tenat mase tu
ko dah kene admitted ICU
aku sedih sgt tgk ko mcm tu

aku igt lagi dulu dulu ko byk sgt tlg aku
tlg hanta aku kat sane kat sini
yg paling aku tak dpt lupe
time ko hantar aku interview jpa
kalau la ko takde time tu
tak tau la aku ape jadi
ko mmg kwn yg baek gile

lepas ni, takde msg dari ko lagi
"lip, tggu dpn umh"
"lip, aku kat dpn umh ko"
"jom lepak lip"

Alfatihah buat kau wahai sahabat

Monday, May 24, 2010

With Love.

Its been a while since my last post. I've been quite busy plus I have nothing to write about.

So, today I feel like writing a post, mainly about yesterday activities.
Yesterday I went to Sabak Bernam. I mean we, all my muslim friends, for community service program with the orphans there.

It was a very long ride before we finally arrived at the orphanage. We've been greeted by a warm smile of the orphans there. And what I actually realized of the orphans was they were happy to see us. They seem to enjoy every activities we held and participate it well. Not to forget to all my fellow friends, they all did a very fine job in havocing in and out of this program.

Right until the end of the day, I realized a few things.
I got to admit that I was very touched to see them, smiling, laughing and getting excited.
I cannot imagine how could I survived in this world without my parent.
I don't have the guts to live my life without my beloved parent.
I should be more grateful to have both my parent here, always be on my side.
Friends are joyful and sometime annoying in a manner way
I should love all my friends, I mean love them more because I already love them
Life can be beautiful without a lot of money
And life is beautiful if we could somehow fill it with lots of love.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Aku, Mereka dan Futsal

Mereka itu adalah rakan rakan ku
Dan aku adalah diri ku
Mereka dan Aku tak mungkin boleh dipisahkan
Jalinan persahabatan yg konkrit
tak akan boleh dipecahkan tetapi mungkin akan retak
keretakan bagaimanapun boleh ditampal dan
konkrit akan kembali kukuh
kukuh la ia sehingga akhirnya akhir zaman ini

adalah satu gerakan gerakan seni yg abstrak
yg tidak bisa ku terangkan dengan menggunakan perkataan semata mata
nikmat dan kepuasannya tidak terkata tidak tertulis tatkala menulis blog
kepenatan itu memang nyata
perasaan menjangkaui biasa
bau kemenangan yg ssh dilupakan
kekalahan pula diterima dengan senyuman
itu lah dunia futsal Aku dan Mereka

fared si gentel sampai mati
nua si hepi berfutsal
apit si kaki gol
dari kiri hijau, hazwan si manja-dgn-keeper
penyu si stylo chinese looking hairstyle keeper
hitam, pilod si penggegar jaring

Berminat utk bertarung ?
sila hubungi kami haha

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twenty Ten and Being Nineteen

I should firstly bid a farewell to my beloved 2009, for being such a great year. You are rock 2009! And welcome 2010 =)

Let bygone be bygone alif. Sigh. It takes a tonne of self-believe to move from such a great, wonderful year to an empty, unpredictable 2010.
Yes, 2009 was the best ever year I've ever encountered. Let list down some of the events that might be interesting yet memorably unforgettable.

1. Celebrating New Year Eve (2009) in the middle of Kuala Kubu Bharu.
2. Joined the so-called National Service.
3. Dated a girl, and received a birthday kiss.
4. Gained a flying colour SPM result.
5. Found my soul mate but eventually it turned out to be not.
6. Watching Arsenal lose to the one and only Man Utd.
7. Went to Kedah with former classmates for a mini reunion.
8. Wasting a whole night 'kacau' ing bapuk, went to Monafendi grave, hoping that she'll get alive or see her ghost and went to a haunted house with a hope to see a ghost.
9. Again spent a whole night watching Final game of UEFA between Barca and Man Utd, unfortunately they lose.
10. Registered for a prep program at Uniten, and found a Myspace friend there. What a small world.
11. Rocking the world out at Bukit Jalil! Went totally crazy there.
12. Last but not least, a crazy new year celebration at Bukit Bintang.

I don't actually managed to list down exactly all my so-called interesting events of 2009, sorry. I am no super duper sophisticated computer that can remember all those events.

New spirit for 2010. Lets go babbyy. ;D