Saturday, October 9, 2010


Alhamdulillah, thank God.

Well, i just finished it. It was just a relief to click the button continue on the screen and realized that the test had already ended. Sweettt.

I must say i put an effort to this particular test since it is a very crucial test where i do must get, i mean i must or is should get the marks higher than 79. Well, the last time i taken the same test was only about 75. Nonetheless, i must pray hard while waiting the result to coming out inside this upcoming fortnight.

Do pray for me for a high score. Err, i mean high scores, because it consists of 4 parts.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yuna Decorate

Finally, i managed to buy the new album from Yunaa. Yesssssss. Yeah maybe its lame to tell everybody bout it since the album was out like months ago.

But still, i feel satisfied with bargain. Despite the album costed me about 30 ringgit, i would still say thats not expensive.
Im not an avid fan of Yuna by the way. But listening to her music just simply relaxing.
I was like smiling to myself when i listen to the songs. The lyrics was pure fantastic and the soul of the songs were designed ultimately for teenagers like me.
Personally, im impressed with Yuna. With her style of writing the songs. With her style of composing the songs. Im not trying to be exaggerate here, im trying to tell the whole world what this cute girl has done.
At this particular moment, my favourite song of the album must be 'Gadis Semasa'.

Gonna listen to the album all day long.
Thanx Yuna for such a fantastic album.