Thursday, August 19, 2010

Permeating Beneath Those Brain Cells

Well, im just little bit tired and tensed today. Excessive dosage of calculus is the main reason, beside fasting of coursee.
I suppose to continue my revision on calculus tonite but it seems my brain cells are all too tired to work.
And right now taking my break for a while, with full volume of My Chemical Romance's songs on my headset. Yeah babyyy ;)
MCRs song are the best things to hear when im tense. At least for me.
And i think this is the expeditious remedy to relieve stress and tense, at least for me again.

Let the all the words and voice from gerardd way permeating beneath my tired brain cells.
Calculus, calculus and calculus. How i wish u are a person, so that i can wallop u as hard as i can.
Ok. Still stress and tense.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

United for The Champ

As everybody knows, i assume, all of the football fans out there would be thrill plus anxious to wait for this particular weekend. And starting this week, weekends wouldnt be same as 2 months ago. All the mamak stalls will be flooded by many as usual. I must admit that one of them is myself.

So prior to this weekend's game opener, fantasy premier league has to be the hot topic for the avid football fans, or at least the premier league fans.
Javier Hernandez, David Silva and Joe Cole; the three stars that looking to hit the points in this so called fantasy premier league.
Or maybe im just being exaggerate to put 'Chicharito' on the threesome.
Nevertheless, Hernandez have shown the world what actually 7m really means. Pls to those who supported Manchester City, dont be jealous with our bargain.
And as expexted, I predicted MANU will go to the top of the league and eventually win it.
Im not being bias here but, as an avid MANU supporter, they look promising in their last game, beating the ass out off the Blues. Blues for the Blues.
Last season, I predicted Chelsea to win the league, and unfortunately with one point adrift, they won it.

After all, we should support any team that we wish to support. As simple as that.
And for me, Manchester United will be forever supported by me, eventhough Barcelona play more beautiful, appetising and promising football.
But one thing to remember, beautiful football does not promise a closet full with trophies. One good example is Arsenal.

The ball is round.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All Over Again

Doing something all over again is not something new to me. The first attempt is like an experiment to me rather than the real attempt. I know its sound little bit wasting, but i'll make sure the 1st is worthy to take, by taking lessons from the first. This is twisting.

Since im not that meticulous person in doing something or anything, i'll try to give my best in doing certain work, trying my best not to repeat in or in other word doing it all over again. Maybe sometime things doesnt go your way, and we need to take the 2nd try. Or repeat it all over again.

To me, thats one of the part where i can define what its actually normality in this life.

Retaking TOEFL is one of the things i will do all over again. And it really cost me a lot, i mean a lot of penny. After a poor 1st attempt, this 2nd is do-or-die and i dont wanna actually pronounce the 3rd.

Wish me luck :)