Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I dont seems to be comfortable to write about my daily activities or something similar with it, but i think i should somehow write this thing. Its about how friendship can forged a very strong bond that can overcome any obstacles.

Do you guys know what is actually 'Broga'? Broga is a place where situated in between Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, and Broga got this so called Broga Hill. So, last weekend my friends, my primary schoolmate to be precise, were planning to witness sunrise together at the broga hill. Since we guys were really busy to get together, so this was a chance for us to get along with the old primary school pals and friends.

We arrived at broga about 6.30 in the morning and its consider late because we can see a lot of cars park nearby the broga hill entrance. And here comes the hard part, to hike the hill. It was about 1.7km from below, and most of them who were hiking the hill wearing shoes and their track. Unfortunately im not wearing any shoes. Plus, i've just got my overnight thingy before, got my lungs full with smoke of rose-mint flavored and worst, i was wearing levi's. Thats certainly was not a good sign to hike a 1.7km hill. Okay, after almost half an hour full with steep obstacles, all the hiking things finally going fine and I was practically the first one among us to get to the top. HAHA

The top view of it was the best view i've been ever encounter. I might sound exaggerate, but I dont talk crap this time. And 'the top view' I was saying before got double meaning on it. You guys should guess it. Luckily, i snapped some of the view. At the top of the hill, we had our breakfast together and had this chat-and-laugh thingy going on. At this very top of the hill I realized that even the biggest cash in this world could not buy a friendship. Friendship is priceless, friends are irreplaceable. Without them, i dont think i can hike this hill and without them i dont think i can have this happiness tattooed inside me.

Friends are the invisible angels that were sent down by God to us.
Like Emily Dickinson once said, "My friends are my estate".

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Not So New Beginning

Well, its not about the beginning of a story
and its certainly not about a beginning of a love story
or perhaps, its not about the beginning of something interesting
its all about the beginning of my new semester for degree in my university

I dont know why theres no excitement in my head when I started my new sem few days back
Its mostly because, I still practically live in my similar room. Not the exact house, but still in the same block where I was in my foundation time.
And, many of my friends are not here, some of them will be leaving to US soon, plus many of them are residing at the next door. Not exactly in their old house or block.

Classes already started. Guess what? I can barely feel theres an empty space inside the class. Now my class is not the same as the last time I entered it. Different is the right word.
Yeah, I already expecting this way before the sem started.
Some people said, changes occur mostly in your life. I say, changes change your life.

I miss the old time, where I can freely meet my friends below my room, without having to wear shirt.
I miss the time where many of my classmates playing 'chotaiti' together before class starts.
I miss my old classmates, even though they can be annoying sometime.
I miss my friends.
How I wish things could be the same today.
But, this is life. Deal with it.