Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dream couldn't be wetter.

Have you guys ever dreamed about something terrible? Something sweet? Or perhaps someone?
Have you ever think about why such a dream came across to you? Why such a dream occurred to you?

Well perhaps in scientific way, dreaming simply an epiphenomenon that is the mental activity that occurs during REM sleep. REM is refers to rapid eye movement by the way.

But in my own thought, dream is somekind of message that convey by the brain to us unintentionally. Dont blame me if this is wrong because I'm no scientist. And for one more thought, I still keep thinking that dream happened due to the tiredness of our brain, working day and night.
This is not certainly true for all cases. Can brain actually convey a message to us when we arent in the wake-state? I dont think so. But who knows. Science is mysterious.
But at some point, my 2nd thought still can be debunkable because if let say your brain is tired due to some preposterous literature readings or doing some ridiculous calculations of current and voltage, your brain will eventually trying to rest his/her ass out and dream will never happen because your brain wont capable to do works in the tired state.
Well, in that case, I came across with my 3rd thought, possibly the last thought. Dream is the hypnosis of your own brain. Its like the brain wanted to play around with you, like playing hide and seek with his own owner.
Okay, lets put this whole thing to bed. Go google this topic.

Last night, I dreamt about someone and I dont really understand why she came out.
Afterall, that was a cute, sweet dream.
And not to forget, shes really came out cute in every dreams of mine.
By the way, I dont wet-dreaming last night. Dont worry. My dream wasnt bout it.

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