Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday cake is for kids.

First and foremost, a ton of thanks to all my friends all over the globe for the wishes either from facebook or by message. You guys are really rock.
And not to forget to Mark Zuckerberg, thanks dudeee.
Okay, that was for creating the so-called social network that can remind your friends of your birthday. And it did help remind my friends about my birthday. lol

And yes, I dont get any cakes for this 20th birthday.
I dont know if birthday cake is only for kids.
But I still longing for a cake.
Get your keys Aliff, and start to drive to the nearest Secret Recipee.
Well at least my family celebrated it with a big lunch somewhere in Cyberjaya and not to forget even my lovely best friends celeberated my birthday with a big meal of Dominoz at the top of Bukit Ampang. Isn't that sweet? Well this is something far better than having a girlfriend.
And last but not least, allowance from PSD the day before my birthday. lol

I should collect more element of maturity throughout this 20th year of my life. Learn how actually to become a men, how to actually to act like a men.
Oh how time flies. I dont really believe this number, 20.

I dont really expected to be at this particular scenario, well what I mean is my current lifestyle and etc. I still remember ten years back, I dont even know what is university is. How lame is that?

Happy 20th Birthday Aliff.


  1. is perfectly normal to long for a cake when it's your bday and it is not childish if you want a cake. :)

  2. Yeah. I want cheese cake so badly :( Buy me one :P

  3. not just how to be a men but how to be a gentlemen. =)
    that's more important. haha