Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Im currently in a break period. Break from studying, break from goin to class, break from my usual activities and taking a break for many of things.
This is not healthy.
Yet, this is what I longing when Im in a period where exams are near and everyone is busy with books.
Eventually, I dont know what to do.
Stayin late to watch football
Playing Pro Evolution Soccer
Go lepaking with friends
Watch HBO
Feeding my cats
and the least is cooking
and sometime I did something girls should do,that the most of us would say
sweeping, mopping, wash clothes and etc.
and online-ing and not shopping.
I always read updates from friends, telling the whole facebook that they are bored, they got nothing to do, lifes bored, blablabla

Life is not bored. Even, this sem break has make me to become nothing-to-do person
I'll never admitt that life is bored

Why dont they travel?
Last week I went to Ipoh where the last time I went there I was about 10. I dont really remmber it.

Ipoh is a nice town. Beautiful, to be precise.
Im lucky to have friends there. They showed me many parts of Ipoh.
And the part I love the most is this so called 'eco park'.
How I wish Kajang could have one. Its indescribable. You need to go there to define it.
Words cant define it in precise definition.
And I met my old friends from NS in Ipoh, what a small world.

Life is not boring if you could possibly use the time wisely and properly
And guys, pls dont update your facebook with 'lifes bored'
live your life to the fullest, correct my word if its wrong

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kau Pergi Dulu ?

aku rindu ko
ko dgr tak ni ? Nape ko balik kajang tak bgtau aku ?
aku igt lagi, dulu ko balik kajang je, terus contact aku ajk lepak
pasni sape nk ajk aku lepak ? sape nk amek aku dpn rumah ?

aku mcm tak bole pecaye ko da tinggalkan aku
baru khamis tu aku ajk ko maen futsal
aku call ko byk kali ko tak angkat pastu esok pagi ko msg aku ckp ko demam
tapi yg buat aku sebak tu ko mintak aku 50 ringgit, aku tak sempat nk kasi
sorry last time aku jumpe ko mase ko tlg belikan aku coolerpad dgn controller
mase tu ko nmpk hepi sgt, aku pon da pelik tgk ko
tulah time last sekali aku jumpe ko, tulah time last sekali aku borak ngan ko

hari isnin aku dtg hospital kajang
aku harap harap sgt dpt tgk ko senyum gelak dengan aku
ko tengah tenat mase tu
ko dah kene admitted ICU
aku sedih sgt tgk ko mcm tu

aku igt lagi dulu dulu ko byk sgt tlg aku
tlg hanta aku kat sane kat sini
yg paling aku tak dpt lupe
time ko hantar aku interview jpa
kalau la ko takde time tu
tak tau la aku ape jadi
ko mmg kwn yg baek gile

lepas ni, takde msg dari ko lagi
"lip, tggu dpn umh"
"lip, aku kat dpn umh ko"
"jom lepak lip"

Alfatihah buat kau wahai sahabat