Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eid,The Food Galore and A Big Family

As u guys already know, about last 2 weeks, muslims are celebrating a festival that is actually celebrated to mark the end of the fasting month. And we called it Eid Al Fitr. Eid is also celebrated annually according to the muslims calender.
So basically, to me celebrating eid are all about meeting and get acquainted more with my family members, getting a money from uncles and aunties, playing fire crackers and of course enjoying the food.

Every year, my family and i will celebrate eid in our hometown, i mean my parents hometown. By the way, it is located in Johore. I couldnt help but to admit that living in so called kampung is far better than living here. Its more placid, more unruffled, and more irenic compare to living in Kajang. Those 3 words that i used previously were actually have the same meaning. Just showing off little bit of my not-so-good vocab.

I admit that the foods in those particular time of the eid were unavertable. Every single time i saw foods, i just felt hungry. And worst, even when i were already finish the lunch or dinner, my desire to eat keep increasing. Maybe its the food to blame. Well, after all can u resist the temptation of the good-taste food that rarely serve or found and only can be found in the eid period? Im certainly not gonna miss those chances to eat all the foods in this particular period.
People do say we eat to live, but sometimes it can be other way around. We live to eat.

The good thing of eid beside foods is meeting the other family members. To me, my cousin, my auntie or even my niece are all important in my life. They make me smile. They make me laugh. They actually remind me about the element of glee that should sparkle in every single family existed in this globe regardless of their family status. I did realize something about being a family, that we can actually live together happily. How i wish all my family members are living in the same house, sharing each others laughter and joy. Sometimes, i do ponder how gleeful earth can become if all people in this entire world can love each other like a big family. No wars and no men dies.

Eid actually bind us into a whole without a single notification from Him.
Eid is not all about foods.
Eid is about forgive.