Monday, July 4, 2011

Malacca hols with boyfriends.

Well first thing first, I dont actually write a lot and dont expect me to write a new post every single day. Im lazy bump and if you're my friend, you should expected that. I'll write when I feel its a right time to write and I dont write when I feel lazy.

So this post is all about my trip to Malacca, the so called the historic city or bandaraya bersejarah with 7 of my boyfriends. I've been to Malacca so many times before but being on holiday with your friends was totally a different experience compare to being on hols with family. So for the girlfriends, pls dont get angry since we dont ask you to join our holiday mainly because this was a bachelors holiday. And without girls, things can really go smooth. Theres a certain exception for the previous statement. Dont get it wrong.

Back to the topic, the mastermind of this holiday was the future businessman, Mr Hazwan Ahmad. Since he and I are on break, so we decided to go for a short holiday in Malacca. Well shorts are nice and not to forget, sexy. If you get what I mean.

We took off from Bangi quite late and we reached our hotel at about 11pm. So after we checked-in, we went for a late supper at warung nearby. Everybody seemed tired and we dont go for any activities that night. While in the room, it was time for poker and texas holdem. So kids, dont try this at home. So we went off quite late.
Well that morning, as expected nobody was waking up early and the plan was postponed for an hour. Boys will always be boys. Despite that setback, we eventually went to Taman Buaya and got ourselves some nice pictures of crocodiles and other reptiles. What I can say about the Taman Buaya was the place is beautiful with all sort of replicas of Malaysia buildings and all the reptiles. And the ticket seller was so freakin hot. I wouldn't mind to buy the tickets for a second time. Or even a third time.

So for the rest of the day, we went on to Bandar Hilir for a visit of historical places. There were Stadhyus, St Paul Hill, A'Famosa and others. Then, we decided to walk-in to the museum with a replicas of Portuguese ship as its body. There, we meet a beautiful Iranian girl that we purposedly ask her help to take our picture. Well its a cheap trick but its working. One of my friends asked for her facebook, but she pretended like shes never heard about facebook. Damnn.
But afterall shes so beautiful. And its true.

So we went back to our hotel and gave ourselves some relaxing time before we go for a big dinner. The big dinner was at this place called Umbai where we had some of the best ikan bakar and other dishes. I have to admit, this was one of the best dinners I've encountered. After we finished with ikan bakar, we went for this amazing roti terbang stall just infront of the Henry Gurney. The man can actually make the dough of the roti canai flying like how a pizza makers throw theirs dough upward. We were like how the hell in earth. Everybody was amazed. But its only us that actually amazed by this man's capability. The rest of the stall looked normal and acted like there nothing amazing with this man.
And the rest of the night should be concluded by yourself. Im not gonna write it.

The next day we went to Port Dickson for some refreshment. I must admit, the last time I went PD was like 7 or 8 years ago. Now the place looks very nice and calm. I took sometime to relax, walking on the seaside while gently swept my beloved Ukulele and meditated as I dont think I'll get any chance to visit this soil again in the next 3 years.

Then I realized, friends do really make more than half of my life. I dont think I can live without them. Well maybe some of you might said, your girlfriend or boyfriend is your life, I cant live without my boyfriend, I cant live without my girlfriend and so on, but believe me, true friends will never leaves you.

Thank you to all my friends.

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  1. thank you for not inviting us.. sentap sentap.. not semput okayyy... ;-)