Sunday, October 23, 2011


Some say you'll eventually lose grip on your native cultures once you settled down on other people countries. I would not totally agree with that. Being such a lucky person, to get a chance to study abroad, I'll never forget my cultures.

I've been to this land about 2 months long. Yes, American land. Where all the dreams can become true, where all the imaginations can become reality, where nothing is impossible where something something can become something something well at least the part of 'nothing is impossible' is sounds right to me. I dont know if they said America is the land of no impossible occurred. Its seem pretty same compare to Malaysia. Only the people I guess. They got fairer people at least. Not to say our people, I mean Malaysians are more superior in term of diversity than in here.

Yeah dream come true, really. Being in this land. New friends, new environment, new currency. But I would say the people here are more friendly than people in Malaysia. Strangers greet strangers. Its hard to see that in Malaysia, frankly speaking. And the drivers here are way more polite than in Malaysia. I'll let you guys know more about America later, if I wanna to. Sorry guys, time constraint haha I suppose to finish my 5 chapters of reading by tonight and its Material. Well guys hate reading stuff. Dont blame me.

I like the way americans speak by the way. Their accent are way more should I say 'concentrate' as 'pekat' in Malay. Okay enough with all the comparison stuff. Carried away from my English class. My bad. It was like when you guys say water, they say 'wother'. Yeah its quiet fun trying out new stuff andd you can easily bad-talk or go 'mengumpat' to them since they dont know Malay. This is unpropriate alif.

Okay so I've been here like 2 months and had been to Chicago like 2 times. Quite efficient I guess. Okay back to work alif. And wish me luck because I got 2 exams next week. So, wish me a big luck. Because I didnt yet to finish my revision.