Monday, January 24, 2011

Ukulele makes me horny.

Its been a way too long since my last post. I dont even remember when the last time I posted something in this page. I dont blame anyone but myself. Im such a lazy bump, super-duper lazy. I dont know why I, but I seemed to stray to other web page when I opened this particular page. Well, now proudly I must say, Im writing for thee first time for this year. LOL.

First and foremost I should told u guys is Im not practicing any weird sex. I dont fuck Ukulele.
Okay, this is the case. I met my Ukulele back then like 5 months ago. Love at the first sight some of you might say. Since then, my Ukulele had been my closest-mate. I slept with her in many ways. Dont think dirty. She would be here for me everytime when I needed her. Even girlfriends are not compatible to compare with my Ukulele. Every single time Im longing for her. I always wanted to play her. To touch her body is the only drug I need.

Okay enough with the nonsense. After mastering the 'Hey Soul Sister' on my Ukulele, I was finally decided to take her to the public.
Last night, I was performing for talentime organized by the juniors. I mean my juniors. Thank God all went smooth except for a little tiny slack but who cares after all.
For the first time ever I went to perform with my so-called 'guru', Robin.
The song was sweet, nice and not to forget sexy in every single way.
Im proudly dedicated the song to the person, the person that I asked to perform with me for this song at the first place. But well, she said no. No biggie :)

Playing my Ukulele have been such an addiction to me. If you give a choice whether to choose Ukulele or girls, I MIGHT go for Ukulele. I MIGHT.