Friday, January 13, 2012

Money don't buy you happiness. It buys you tickets to happiness.

Winter break was super duper awesome. Lets make this short because ive been writing 3 essays this week alone.

So I went to Florida and there goes my december allowance money. Sorry Malaysia taxpayers, I tried so well not to spend it that way but cant resist the temptation. So there were like 24 of us, I know we should probably rent a bus or something but we've got our self 2 sedans and 2 vans.
Went through Nashville and Atlanta before we arrived to Orlando. One night in Nashville and Georgia before moving to Orlando.

Nashville, albeit it was little bit chilly, its downtown was vintage and pretty musical. They called it music city. Hmm close enough i guess. Got myself a vintage looking green day poster dated 1994.

Atlanta, not so cold compared to the so called music city. Went to Coca-cola factory and got to know their secret ingredients. Apparently it was happiness. Well let just say they are not stupid enough to tell everybody what they put in coke. The most enjoyable part was free sodas so I took all the sodas untill it worth my $16 tix.

Orlando, where you can wear shorts and tees. The weather was like in Malaysia but lil bit cold sometimes. We spent like 5 days in total there. Universal Studios and Disney World are two main attractions here. Due to insufficient amount of dollars in my account and no hols allowance by JPA, I only managed to buy tix just for Universal Studios. Well, you might says what the hell on earth are you doing on disneyworld dude, but disney is my childhood memories. I'd go there for hell sure if i got the pennies.

Universal Studios was like 10 times bigger than genting and to my observation, it makes genting higland looks super lame. Seriously speaking dude. So worth the money. I wont write here how fantastic and awesome Universal Studios is because it would take a 3-page essay long to write it.

Miami was pretty hot. I mean both weather hot and people. The bitch was beautiful. I mean the beach. Yeah you can assume both of it. They are both true. Ever play Vice City? Well, Miami city looks pretty similar with it.

The Southernmost point in United States, that is Key West. Great place, great food and great people. Two big taco fish plus extra fries only for $7.99 and 5-lb cookies only for $4.99 and it was as big as your plate. Got $20 off for 'snorkeling' show from a random sexy-pregnant women (guess who?) but too tired to go there. Next time perhaps. *evil smile

The day after, I spent my new year eve in Destin, still in Florida though. Not so much fun frankly speaking. Celebrating in Bukit Bintang was way different. They dont have the RM2.50 snow spray and they went off pretty early. The best part of Destin was the beach. It was like the best beach I've ever went. Had a good time there too :)

So now come the sad part, going back home. We took a break for one night in New Orleans before heading to St.Louis. And last but not least, the best rootbeer ever in St.Louis. But I would say butterbeer in Hogwarts was way way tasty than this. Its a butterbeer of course. Well I guess I went to Hogwarts people.

There goes my winter break. New experience new friends. Well sometimes I ponder before I go to sleep, there would be no fun if we had 23 people because what makes this trip awesome was the people in it.


  1. Waaa da pi orlando ke wei? I wanna ask u about orlando cuz im goin there this summer insyaallah. FB2. hehe